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Travel pictures

Norway 2004

During my time spending at civil service I took the chance to take part in a 10-days travel to Norway. While it was very much raining in Germany we could enjoy our life around Trondheim at about 25 degree Celsius, sometimes up to 30 degree - and it was still in the beginnings of May ...

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Tibet 2004

At the time I has finished my civil service there was enough time for a longer travel before I started go to university. Happily there was also enough money because I didn't need any during working for Germany. So I decided to go with four friend for a trip to Tibet. When we started we had a plane ticket to Beijing and the vision to arrive in Lhasa ...

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Paris 2006

In this gallery you can find some pictures I took in year 2006 while a one week trip to Paris, where a friend of mine were working at that time.

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Bulgaria 2008

Together with my parents I was visiting some friend in Bulgaria in summer of 2008. Most of the photos I shot in the surroundings of Trojan, the other on our trip along the coast line of the Black Sea.

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Turkey 2008

Arriving at the southern coast of Bulgaria together with my parents I decided to travel further to Turkey on my own initiative ...

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