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Community activities

Community activities are in my opinion not only an evidence for a worth living society. More than this I also very like to organise projects and to stand up for my own beliefs and conviction. Here I want to give a short overview where I have done this in the past. Definitely there will be more stations added in future. But for know I think I have to concentrate on my soon beginning job, so I have to cut down my work for some associations.

Studentenforum im Tönissteiner Kreis e.V.

The Studentenforum im Tönissteiner Kreis e.V. is a political an confessional independent, interdisciplinary think tank of mostly German university students who are internationally orientated. The association connects dedicated and internationally orientated students into a cosmopolitan thinking and acting network. It gives a framework for individual ideas to form society with a sociopolitical responsibility.

The Studentenforum was etablished in 1999 by members of the Tönissteiner Kreis e.V., which was founded in 1958 as a network for senior management in international functions (at this time most of the members worked in international organisations or as diplomats).

In October of 2007 I was admitted to the Studentenforum. After leading the “Students Dialogue Southern Africa” and working for the “German-Chinese Students Dialogue” as well as in some intern task forces, I was elected into the associations board in April of 2009. Since that I was responsible for the re-setting of our Corporate Design, for the internal communications (newsletters, yearbook and others), for the coordination of the board and for support of some projects of the Studentenforum.

Deutsche Model United Nations (DMUN) e.V.

The association Deutsche Model United Nations (DMUN) e.V. (German Model United Nations Association) boosts the political education in the field of the United Nations. The target group are secondary school students and young persons with hindered acces to education.

To reach his aims DMUN e.V. is hosts the two largest German-speaking MUN-conferences, which are Model United Nations Baden-Württemberg (MUNBW) in Stuttgart and Model United Nations Schleswig-Holstein (MUN-SH) in Kiel.

DMUN e.V. was founded in March of 2003 as MUNBW e.V. as organising instituion of the UN simulation MUNBW. When there was etablished a second simulated conference, MUN-SH, in summer of 2005, the association was renamed as the present day DMUN.

After helping to organise two of the MUNBW-conferences I was elected in summer of 2004 to hold the presidency of the association. During working as president (until summer of 2009) the organised conferences became more and more professional because of many very dedicated team members. Beside of this the first MUN-SH conferences could be held and the preperations for a first participation of a DMUN-delegation at the international NMUN-conferation in New York began.

I am very glad that the association is still growing very well. This also shows that I played not a very important role in this game even if I was formaly the head of the association. Nevertheless or maybe therefore I had lots of fun doing this work.

Junges UNO-Netzwerk Deutschland (JUNON) e.V.

The Junge UNO-Netzwerk Deutschland (JUNON) e.V. (United Nations Youth Association Germany) is an umbrella organisation of German UN University Clubs, Model United Nations Initiatives, school and university delegations to international Model UN conferences, UN Youth Campaign Groups, groups of young UN researchers and the like.

I have attended JUNON from its very beginning and were delegate for DMUN in many conferences. In particular at the first meetings and dureing the later reorganisation of the network into an association I made efforts to develop a proper framework for the realisation of the objectives of JUNON. As the most powerful member of JUNON, DMUN had much responsibility in leading the young association into a right way. As today JUNON is very successful one can see that we could mostly fulfil these expectations.

Club der Ehemaligen der Deutschen SchülerAkademien e. V.

The Club der Ehemaligen der Deutschen SchülerAkademien e. V. is the alumni organization of the Deusche SchülerAkademien with the intention of promoting continuing personal and scientific contacts between its members.

Since my participation at the Deutsche Schülerakademie 2002 in Gaesdonck (Germany) I am a member of this association. Without any official function I participated at some academies organised by members of the CdE, teached a course at one of these academies and tried to help out if there was something to do. Here I want to give my thanks to all the people who are doing much more work in this association than me and who thus let me spend lots of nice hours and days!

Council of the department of mathematics and statistics

During my first two years at university I took part in the student council of the department of mathematics and statistics at the University of Konstanz. From October of 2005 until September of 2006 I also was a student delegate at the council of this department. There I helped to figure out a good design for the new bachelor’s study conditions, so that there is still a very, very small part of the everyday life at the University of Konstanz which is influenced by my work.

Bodensee Consulting e.V.

Bodensee Consulting is the student consultancy at the University of Konstanz and the HTWG Konstanz (university of applied science) which was founded in 1998 and has over 100 members today. As a member between October of 2007 and September of 2010 I headed a small project on establishing a new corporate design for a small firm and helped to enhance the knowledge management of the association.

Even if I did not have enough time to get more involved in the associations business, I am happy to see how the Bodensee Consulting is getting more and more professional and developed.

Freunde der Ellwanger Gymnasien e.V.

Freunde der Ellwanger Gymnasien e.V. is the alumni and development association of the secondary schools of my hometown Ellwangen. In 2003 it was founded from the former “Vereinigung der Freunde des Ellwanger Gymnasiums e.V.” which was a development association of one of these schools.

As one of the initiators of the new concept of this associations I also was part of the board of ten people. Furthermore I designed the new corporate design of this association and developed the new member’s magazine. Unfortunately in the last few years there could not be found enough members who want to work for the association’s aims with dedication. However the most important jobs have been done by a hand of people. For the future I hope that the created structures will be better adopted by the secondary schools of Ellwangen and that there will be more former students of these schools help the association to support the schools.

Student council of the Peutinger Gymnasium Ellwangen

The student council of the Peutinger Gymnasium Ellwangen, my former secondary school, was the first institutional setting where I took part in some project organisation work. The highlight of this time was undoubtedly the project “Schule als Staat” (a project format where the whole school turns into a small country with its own firms, currency and parliament) in summer of 1999. As minister of finance I managed the revenues and expenditures of our country and the exchange from real money into the virtual money, the PEURO. Aside from this project we organised manly school discos, christmas activities and other small events at our school. A short time I also worked for the school magazine LUPE.