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About me

Welcome on my private website. The first question you probably will raise is why there is a need for another private website on the Net. I am sorry, but I do not have a good answer to this question. The main reason for creating this is that I have a lot of fun working on HTML- and PHP-projects. Another reason are my lecture notes which I produced while my first two years at Konstanz University and which I want to provide everyone who is interested.

Nevertheless I am very happy about every visitor, who is not here just for downloading documents like this, but who also wants to rummage a bit at the other sites and in my photo gallery.

Who am I?

Maybe there could be some folks who are interested in the question who I am and what I do in my life. So here I am:

My Name is Friedrich Meidert. However, most of my friends just know me as Frieder. I grew up and went to school at Ellwangen in Eastern Württemberg in Germany, which is a small town with about 25.000 townsfolk. After my civil service at the Borromäum Ellwangen I begun in 2004 my studies in mathematics at Konstanz University. After one year of intellectual standstill I was impressed by a abundance of courses at University. So I decided shortly to take additional courses in economics and a foreign language. Amongst the few language courses which were not yet crowded I chose the Chinese course since I had been in China two times for travelling. On the other hand I did not have any relation to Japan, Korea or the Balkan States.

My university avocation developed more and more to the main task. After the pre-degrees in mathematics and economics I went one year to study Chinese in Nanjing. Thereafter I deciede to concentrate my further studies on economics, which I finished in spring of 2010.

Since then I am do part time consulting on a freelance basis. Most project are dealing with China where I went to in summer 2010 for about four months, also for some short travels. Meanwhile I am looking for a appropriate way to start my career.

My free time interests

I use my spare time for a lot of different activities. One of them you should already know: webdesign. This combines two things I have fun with. The searching for a nice design and for aesthetics as well as the puzzling on the background technics. Because of my mathematical way of thinking I evertimes very happy about nice and elegant solutions – no matter if it is a fine proof of a mathematical sentence or if it is a optimal working website.

I alsoo very like to organise some projects and events. I got involved with different associations in the last years. Doing this work I learned much, spent a lot of cool days and hours and – without intending to be snotty – contributed a little bit to an active and self-developing society.

There are many sports I do like to do. But there are few I am doing very well. But I do this anyway just for fun and not for competition. I very like to swim, play badminton, table tennis and football. My favorites, however, are outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. Overall I love to be in nature since my childhood. If it is whatching wild animals, looking for mushrooms or working in the garden – there are not many things which make me happier than letting nature fill my senses.

My favourite landscapes are mountains and higher altitude regions. But of course if I can get impressions regions I never went to, I will take the chance. Here I am most fascinated in Eastern Asia where I travelled already a lot in China and Japan.

Beside these activities it is also very important to me to be up to date on current trends in politics and in economy as well as to spend as much time as possible together with my family.